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Drake Casino Logo
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Drake Casino is an online gambling portal, which was established in 2012. Headquartered in Curaçao, the casino is available for gamblers across the globe, excluding some of the Middle East and African countries. The platform is one of the most popular gambling platforms with bitcoin acceptance in the world.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of this online casino is bright and modern. Its logo perfectly reflects the essence and nature of the platform. It consists of an elegant emblem and a wordmark, set in two levels.

The platform’s logo uses two different color palettes for its visual identity — white red and black, and white red and blue. In the first case, the logo looks powerful and solid, reflecting the strong and confident character of the casino. The second color scheme represents the company’s reliability and value of its users, showing the online platform as responsible and trustworthy.

The Drake Casino emblem is a stylized combination of all grout card suits. Clubs, Hearts, Spades, and Diamonds are brilliantly mixed in one symbol, with red suits on top and black one — in the bottom part. The iconic images, which were first designed in France in the 15th century, represent the profile of the platform, adding professionalism to the list company’s qualities.

On some of the logo versions, the emblem is made three-dimensional, as well as the lower level of the nameplate. Despite the color of the background, the wordmark of the casino’s logotype is always executed in the black-white-red palette, with the upper part in white or black and the bottom one is red.

The “Casino” tagline, which is sometimes executed in 3D, features small letters, and looks like the main lettering underline, adding style and delicacy to the whole picture.

What is Drake Casino?
Drake Casino is the name of an online gambling platform, which was one of the first on the international market, being founded in 2012. The company is based in Curaçao and has its gambling services available for players from all over the globe.

Drake Casino Logo


The wordmark of the casino’s visual identity is split into two parts — “Drake” in capitals and “Casino”, placed under it and written in the lowercase. Both parts are executed in the same typeface, which is a custom-designed sans-serif font, with modern and even slightly futuristic shapes.

The typeface looks more or less close to Retail Packaging JNL Regular, but with smoother and more rounded lines, though the edges look sharp and strong.

The inscription evokes a sense of progressive approach and innovations, which the platform offers to its users from all over the globe.


This online casino is very week-known across the globe and has hundreds of thousands of users from different countries. The platform offers a wide range of games available on-site and in the mobile applications, designed for both Android and iOS operating systems. The website and the application are easy to use and have a simple yet bright and intense design.

The catalog of games available on the platform includes such categories as slot machines, table, and card games, and also a live casino with two types of Roulette, Baccarat, and BlackJack.

Another feature of this platform is that it regularly holds various tournaments and you can always see the tournament chart in a special section on the website.

As for the payment system, the online casino accepts such types of mechanisms, like credit cards and cryptocurrency. Working with bitcoin is what made the platform so famous.

There are various bonus systems and deals along with the gift to new and returning members, which are constantly running on the platform. Everyone can find something for himself on the famous gambling platform, which does its best in order to give their uses and unforgettable experience.