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Cannibal Corpse is a famous metal band from the USA which was created in 1988 and became popular in 1991 after its album “Butchered at Birth” was released. It is one of the widely recognizable music-bands in the trash and death metal genre.

Meaning and history

Cannibal Corpse Logo history

Founded in 1988 by guitarist Bob Rusay, bassist Alex Webster, vocalist Chris Barnes, drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz, and guitarist Jack Owen, Cannibal Corpse quickly rose to prominence within the death metal scene. Their debut album, “Eaten Back to Life,” released in 1990, introduced their trademark style characterized by brutal lyrics and relentless instrumentation. Throughout the 1990s, the band continued to push boundaries with albums like “Butchered at Birth” and “Tomb of the Mutilated,” cementing their status as pioneers of extreme metal.

Despite facing censorship and bans in various countries due to the graphic nature of their lyrics, Cannibal Corpse achieved commercial success and garnered a dedicated following worldwide. With over two million albums sold globally, they remain one of the best-selling death metal bands of all time. In recent years, the band has maintained their position at the forefront of the genre, releasing critically acclaimed albums such as “Red Before Black” (2017) and “Violence Unimagined” (2021). Their relentless touring schedule and electrifying live performances continue to captivate audiences, ensuring Cannibal Corpse’s enduring legacy in the realm of extreme music.

What is Cannibal Corpse?
Cannibal Corpse stands as a pioneering force within the realm of death metal, renowned for their uncompromisingly brutal sound and graphic lyrical content. With a history spanning over three decades, the band has solidified its status as one of the most influential and controversial acts in heavy music. Their relentless dedication to pushing the boundaries of extreme metal has garnered them a devoted global following. What sets Cannibal Corpse apart is their unapologetic embrace of gore and violence in their lyrics, coupled with technically proficient instrumentation that has influenced countless bands within the genre.

1988 — 1995

Cannibal Corpse Logo 1988

The iconic name was given to the band by Alex Webster, the bass player, and all the members agreed on it. The heavy metal icon was born in 1988.

1995 — Today

Cannibal Corpse Logo

The Cannibal Corpse logo is dark and provocative. It’s evil red and the black color palette is a perfect reflection of the band’s music and lyrics.

The Cannibal Corpse wordmark is executed in a custom typeface, which features dripping all-caps letters. Representing blood, red color also symbolizes passion. It this case, a passion for music.

Cannibal Corpse Logo

The Cannibal Corpse logo is instantly recognizable all over the world. It is scaring and macabre, reminding of horror movies with a lot of blood.

The Cannibal Corpse logo is a reflection of the band’s style, vision, and genre. It is iconic and timeless.