JOAH is a contemporary beauty brand influenced by Korean beauty trends, offering a variety of cosmetics ranging from lip products to complexion enhancers. The brand embraces the mantra “Beauty without Compromise” and is renowned for merging innovative formulas with vibrant packaging. Predominantly active in North America, its product lineup is accessible in various retail outlets and online platforms. JOAH is a subsidiary of Kiss Products, Inc., a well-established company in the beauty sector. The brand continues to capture attention with its blend of affordability and quality.

Meaning and history

JOAH Logo history

During its initial phase, the brand focused on capturing the essence of Korean skincare and makeup routines, introducing products that emphasized skincare benefits with makeup functionalities. As time progressed, the brand’s portfolio expanded, incorporating a broad spectrum of products from eyeliners to foundations, capturing the hearts of many beauty enthusiasts.

JOAH’s ownership has remained consistent since its foundation, with Kiss Products, Inc. steering its course. This stability in ownership ensured a consistent brand image and vision. The production, initially inspired heavily by Korean manufacturing processes and ingredients, evolved to resonate more with a global audience, maintaining its core K-beauty essence but adapting to broader market preferences.

Collaborations and partnerships played a pivotal role in JOAH’s journey. By teaming up with influencers and celebrities, the brand fortified its presence in the competitive beauty sector, establishing itself as a bridge between Korean and Western beauty ideals.

Despite facing market fluctuations and evolving beauty trends, JOAH remained committed to its foundational principles: quality, innovation, and affordability. The brand’s commitment to staying updated with the latest beauty innovations while maintaining its roots has been a significant factor in its sustained success.

Today, JOAH stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of Korean beauty wisdom with modern aesthetics, continuously evolving, yet staying true to its core values.


JOAH Logo old

The design showcases the word “JOAH” in an understated, contemporary font. Each letter is crafted in a muted charcoal shade. The “J” manifests with a slender, elongated appearance, while the “O” adopts a near-perfect circular form. The “A” stands out with a sharply pointed peak and a center gap. The “H” displays straightforward vertical lines.  The entire composition radiates a vibe of sleek sophistication, highlighting precision and modern design elements.



The logo displays the word “JOAH” in a distinct, minimalist typeface. Each letter is rendered in a solid, muted brown hue. The characters possess a subtle roundness, with the “J” featuring a curved foot and the “H” having parallel vertical lines. The “O” is nearly a perfect oval, and the “A” has a bridgeless design. Overall, the typography exudes simplicity and modern elegance, with an emphasis on clean lines and balanced proportions.