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Lumene is a Finnish company developing and manufacturing cosmetics. The brand is based in Kauklahti, Espoo.

Meaning and history

Logo Lumene

The current Lumene logo possesses the distinctive style that the previous design lacked. The three most unusual elements are the elongated middle bars of the letters “E” and the small circle above the “M.” While each of them looks unexpected, together, they create a fresh and memorable impression.

On the old logo, the name of the brand was given in a much simpler type. The square ends of the glyphs, together with their classic proportions, could be interpreted as a symbol of the Nordic resilience and power of the local ingredients, which inspire many of the products.

What is Lumene?
Lumene is a Finnish skincare and cosmetics company known for its innovative use of natural ingredients sourced from the Arctic. With a focus on sustainability and Nordic beauty traditions, Lumene offers a range of products that promote healthy, radiant skin.

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