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Darphin is a French cosmetics brand specializing in skincare products. The main creative force behind the brand is botanist, formulator, and kinesiotherapist Pierre Darphin.

Meaning and history

While, at first glance, the Darphin logo may look generic, it does have an artistic touch. It is especially obvious at larger sizes when you notice that the type used in the wordmark is not just another sans serif but an elegant font with tiny, thin serifs. Due to this, the design becomes unique.

Logo Darphin

The logo consists of two words: “Darphin” in large, bold letters, and “Paris” in smaller, lighter glyphs.

What is Darphin?
Darphin is a French company founded by Pierre Darphin in 1959. The brand is focused on production of cosmetics and medicines. The list of their products includes a variery of natural oils, masks, creams and ointments for skin care. They’re one of the largest companies in France, which exports its production.

Font and color

The words are made in two different types. For ‘Darphin’ part, the brand designers decided to use a bold black script with small serifs in the large letters. The ‘Paris’ word has a typical black sans serif font with the bold letters spread far from one another.