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Palette is a brand of haircare, owned and produced by Schwarzkopf – a German company of cosmetic products. Most of Palette products are various hair crèmes, made to enhance the looks and strength of hair in various ways. But besides that, they also sell shampoos and dyes.

Meaning and History

Palette has been introduced by the German company Schwarzkopf (which in itself is a subsidiary of the Henkel chemical company) in the 70s. The name refers to the various colors of hair dyes people used even back then, although not necessarily those made by this brand, seeing how it’s not really their forte.

What is Palette?
Palette is the name of a German cosmetic brand, that specializes in the production of hair dyes. The brand was established in 1967 and is owned by Schwarzkopf & Henkel, one of the world’s leading names in the hairs care segment.

1970s – today

Palette logo

Their main logo depicts the word ‘Palette’, presented in a fluid, smooth sans-serif font. The color for these letters is normally black. From the word’s sixth letter and towards its second one, there stretch three rays of color. They are located beneath the word itself and stem from the same single point. From there, they diverge and seem laid onto one another. The colors are yellow, red and purple from closest to furthest.

Often, there is also the general Schwarzkopf logo present above this logo (both wordmark and the head), albeit comparably small and fully black.

Font and Color

The bold and elegant title case lettering from the primary Palette badge is set in a smooth yet stable sans-serif font with distinctive contours of the characters and playful shapes. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Tabac Glam G3 Semi Bold, or Moneta Sans Black, but with some minor modifications of the contours.

As for the color palette of the Palette brand visual identity, it is intense and bright, composed of red, yellow, and purple for the emblem, and plain black for the lettering. The hues on the emblem represent the variety of colors, offered by the brand, while the logotype’s color stands for professionalism and stability.

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