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Jimmy Choo is the name of a luxury footwear brand, which was established at the beginning of the 1980s and named after its founder, a Malaysian designer. The first boutique of the brand was opened in 1987 in Hackney, London, and already two years after the shoes of the brand appeared in the British Vogue.

Meaning and history

Jimmy Choo Logo history

While the core product range of the fashion house Jimmy Choo is its shoe line, it also manufactures a variety of other fashion items, including bags, scarves, hats, fragrances, and more. Jimmy Choo opened his first store on the old fabric in Hackney in 1987, but the brand was officially registered only in 1996.

Although those were the high heels that brought extreme popularity to the brand. The Jimmy Choo pumps got into wish lists of all the fashionistas of h world after they have been spotted on Princess Diana.

It did not take much time for the brand to expand, and by today it has already opened boutiques in more than thirty countries across the globe and is valued by investors at more than 800 million USD.

What is Jimmy Choo?

Jimmy Choo is a high-end fashion brand, which was established in the UK in 1996, almost ten years after the opening of the first store, and is mostly known for its exquisite and chock women’s footwear collections. Although today the brand also designs bags, accessories, and perfume.

As for the visual identity, the British footwear designer is very strict and traditional. The logo of the brand is composed of uppercase lettering in a custom typeface, which is most often written in black on a plain white background, though can change its colors on the labels and packages of the brand’s items.

1996 – 2013

Jimmy Choo Logo 1996

The elegant and airy logotype, used by the luxury brand in the middle of the 1990s, was executed in a lightweight sophisticated serif typeface with clean rounded contours of the characters and sharp elongated serifs on the ends of the bars. It was set in black against a white background, looking chic and exquisite.

2013 – Today

Jimmy Choo logo

The current Jimmy Choo logo is perfectly readable, although someone may say that it lacks personality. What makes the emblem highly distinctive is the way the two “O’s” look. To begin with, they are much wider than most other letters (except the “C,” which, in fact, is just another “O” with a white gap). Also, the letters are placed next to each other and thus look similar to a well-known smiley.

The font of the logotype is pretty close to such types as Nolita Serif Regular and Mollas Ultra Light, but with contours of some letters modified, and the “J” custom. The first letter does not have its tail elongated like the most capital “J”s in the fonts of its style.

Font and color

The elegant uppercase lettering from the primary badge of the Jimmy Choi visual identity is set in a medium-weight serif typeface, which is pretty close to such fonts as Blackers Bold and Mollas Ultra Light, but with some contours strengthened and modified.

As for the color palette of the Jimmy Choo visual identity, the luxury brand sets its logo in black-and-white, following the traditions of the industry. This monochrome execution makes the inscription look sleek and modern, evoking a sense of excellence and style.

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