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UPayCard is a British provider of payment solutions, established in 2013. The company has various products suitable both for individuals and businesses and has a wide range of services, designed according to the latest technologies and standards.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the e-wallet is laconic and minimalist. Its text-based logo is executed in a traditional for the industry blue and white color palette, which reflects confidence and stability.

The logotype is visually divided into three parts — blue bold “U”, white bold “Pay” and thin white “Card”. The inscription is written in the same typeface, but due to the different thickness of lines and colors, looks creative and modern.

The blue and white color palette of the company represents professionalism and authority, accenting on the value of protection and responsibility and loyalty to the users.

The simplicity of the platform’s logo elevates it, making it timeless and classic, it will always be actual, perfectly representing the company’s purpose and nature.

UPayCard Logo


The logotype is executed in a modern sans-serif typeface, which is Eurostile font, with its modern contours and smooth lines and distinct stencils. The inscription looks strong and solid, especially its bolder “UPay” part, while the fine and light “Card” adds freshness and elegance, balancing the whole wordmark.


The British Fintech company provides such services as e-wallet, cryptocurrency wallets, money transfers, and prepaid cards.

For individual users, the platform offers a range of services for keeping and transferring money along with easy and safe online purchases. The prepaid cards can be used in ATMs across the globe. The company allows for keeping money in more than 20 currencies.

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