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PayU is a fin-tech company that develops payment technology for internet traders. It was established in 2002 in the Dutch town of Hoofddorp. The firm is owned by the Naspers Group. The company’s services enable online entrepreneurs to receive and make payments by using techniques integrated with the Internet and mobile devices. Technically the PayU is the result of numerous payment gateways in diverse regions of the world which have been obtained and added to the PayU group. At present, the company renders its services in 17 countries.

Meaning and history

The current logo was made in December 2017. It consists of the word “Pay” followed by a capital “U”. All the letters of the wordmark are made in pear green tone, lighter at the upper ends of the letters and darker at their bottom. The wordmark is placed against a background of a chequered rectangle in light blue and white. At the right upper end of the capital “U”, there are three square blocks of the same pear green colour giving the impression of upward motion like a puff of smoke.

PayU logo
The logo has other versions. One is the wordmark written in white colour on a green rectangle. Another variant is made against a white background while the word “pay” is in dark blue and the capital “U” in light blue. As a modification of this last one can be seen the same logo with a curved arrow starting between the first two letters, passing under the inscription and pointing onto the capital “U”.

The colour palette of the logo includes bear green tone used for the letter of the wordmark, white and sometimes black for the background, dark and light blue in an alternative version of the logo. The wordmark is written in the commercial font AmpleSoftMedium.

What is PayU?
PayU is the name of a European company, which is specialized in the design of online-payment solutions for e-commerce businesses. The company was established in 2002, and today is considered to be one of the most reliable and reputable in its segment.

Font and color

The bright and modern lettering from the Pay U primary logo is set in a softened and rounded sans-serif typeface with futuristic shapes of the characters. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia are, probably, Ample Soft Medium and Millar Bold, but with the contours of the “Y” modified.

As for the color palette of the PayU visual identity, it is set in gradient green, a shade, which stands for wealth, growth, business, and development. The smooth and calm hues of green evoke a sense of reliability and excellence and make the platform look responsible and trustworthy.