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CBeebies is the name of a British kids tv channel, established by BBC in 2002. Today the free-to-air channel is available in several languages and broadcasts its program blocks on dozens of international channels.

Meaning and history

CBeebies Logo history
CBeebies is a pretty young channel, which was launched by BBC corporation in the very beginning of 2002, along with its sister channel, CBBC. The first one is focused on the youngest audience, up to 7 years old, and has its programs broadcasted from the early morning, until 7 pm. The second channel has its content aimed at an audience from 7 years old.

What is CBeebies?
CBeebies is the name of a children-content television channel, owned by BBC. The channel is specialized
in programs for kids from 0 to 7 years and has its content available in more than 5 languages. CBeebies was punched in 2002, and today its shows and cartoons are broadcasted all over the globe.

In terms of visual identity, the kid’s channel from BBC has been pretty consistent, and never changed the design concept since the introduction of its original badge in 2002. The logo looks very fit and Lu and bright, perfectly reflecting the content and purpose of the TV channel.

2002 – 2023

CBeebies Logo 2002
The CBeebies logo was designed by the Lambie-Nairn design bureau at the very beginning of 2002 and has never been changed since then. The badge is composed of a stylized arched inscription with the name of the channel, accompanied by the strict iconic BBC logo in black and white. The yellow lettering above the black squares, features heavy smooth shapes, purple negative space, and a thick black outline, supporting and balancing the whole look of the banner.

2021 – 2023

CBeebies Logo 2021
To celebrate its 20th anniversary, The CBeebies tv channel decided to change its logo for some time in 2022. Although, this change can not be called a dramatic one, or even a very noticeable one. The only difference between the original logo and the one, introduced in 2022, is that the yellow arched lettering was moved from above the BBC logo to beyond it. Also, the three black squares with white letters on them got slightly enlarged.

2023 – now

CBeebies Logo
The new log features the same bright yellow color palette. The black color is gone to make the logo even more kid-friendly and positive. Accordingly, the designers made the square bases behind the “BBC” initials yellow, leaving the initial white and unchanged. The “CBeebies” is now printed in a straight line but the letters are placed in a playful manner with some of them being slightly higher or lower and tilted either to one side or the other. Although the letters were slightly redrawn, they still had rounded, thick forms which allowed even the kids to recognize their favorite channel.

Font and color

The bold cartoonish lettering from the primary CBeebies badge is set in a custom design typeface, Melt LV1, with massive title case characters boasting smooth rounded shapes and bold lines. The softness of the yellow glyphs is complemented and stabilized by the strict and clean sans-serif of the BBC abbreviation.
As for the color palette of the CBeebies visual identity, it has yellow as the main shade, and black with purple as two additional. This combination of intense and bright colors represents creativity, imagination, fun, and joy, and makes the whole logo look extremely friendly and welcoming.