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Jequiti is the name of a cosmetic brand from Brazil, which was established by Iris Abravanel and Silvio Santos in 2006. In the label’s catalog, there are products for almost any occasion: perfumes, skins, and body care, and a line for hair styling. The brand distributes its items all over Brazil but recently started expanding to in-ternational markets through its online store.

Meaning and history

Jequiti Logo history

The visual identity of the Brazilian cosmetics brand is sleek and elegant, as the la-bel’s products. The logo reflects the brand’s value of beauty and shows its profes-sional approach to design and manufacturing, keeping the traditional principles and philosophy.

2006 – 2017

Jequiti Logo 2006

The very first logo for Jequity was introduced in 2006 and comprised a bold cursive inscription in black accompanied by a green graphical emblem, which depicted an abstract tree, drawn with stylized crayon lines.

The calm green color of the emblem reflected the meaning of health, natural beauty, and wellness, while the black inscription pointed to the expertise, confidence, and reliability of the company.

2017 – Today

Jequiti logo

In 2017 the logo was simplified to a single wordmark, which added seriousness and elegance to the brand, making it look more confident and fundamental. The black logotype in a smooth and sleek cursive looks fancy and timeless, showing the main values of the brand — quality and beauty.

Font and color

The custom handwritten typeface of the Jequity visual identity is something in be-tween such existing fonts as SF Change Pro Regular, Amplia Pro, and Lucida Handwriting Std Bold. It has a unique character, representing grace and sophistica-tion.

The black color of the logo allows placing it on various backgrounds, textures, and patterns of the packaging and advertising materials. The monochrome palette makes the logo timeless and actual, despite the needs and colors surrounding it.