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Bare Minerals is a brand of make-up cosmetics, created by Shiseido in 2010. The label is known for its miner-based products and brushes, which are loved by women and professional make-up artists all over the world.

Meaning and history

Bare Minerals Logo history

BareMinerals visual identity is fine and light. The text-based logo is executed in a black and white color palette, where the wordmark and the background switch, depending on the placement.

The thin lines of the serif typeface look light and fine. Executed in all the lowercase letters, the wordmark has only one capital “M”, which adds individuality and character.

A relatively young brand already changes its logo twice, but the concept remains the same, the company only played with typefaces — the previous version was written in a sans-serif font with slightly curved lines of “a”.

The BareMinerals logo is timeless and elegant. Its traditional typeface looks good on the packaging and cosmetic bottles, as well as on the websites. The monochrome palette always works well, showing the design approach of the company and its values of beauty and simplicity.

1995 – 2006

Bare Minerals Logo 1995

2006 – now

Bare Minerals Logo