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Although the Pantene logo has gone through numerous modifications since 1947, most of the versions have something in common: they feature a similar type and a stylized curl.

Meaning and history

Pantene Logo history


Pantene Logo-1947

The curl is already there, as is the name of the brand in a simple sans. In the same period, another logo was used. Here, the curl got a more realistic look, while the sans serif type was replaced by a handwritten script.


Pantene Logo-1986

The cure was gone. The word “Pantene” featured a wider and thinner serif type.


Pantene Logo-1997

The type was replaced by a narrower one. You could see a highly stylized curl forming the letter “P.”


Pantene Logo-2001

The type was again wide, with barely noticeable serifs. The curl disappeared.


Pantene Logo-2006

The font was slightly updated, although its overall style remained unchanged. The curl, in a new shape, reappeared in the Pantene logo.


Pantene Logo-2011

There were a couple of subtle modifications in the type.


Pantene Logo

The curl was gone leaving nothing but the name of the brand.

Font and color

Throughout the years, Pantene was jumping from one font to another, until the brand found its perfect typeface, which contains all the important qualities — elegance, power, and memorability. The font of the capitalized Pantene inscription looks pretty similar to Kertayasa Inside, Hlad Regular, and Regalese with their straight lines and sharp fine serifs.

The color palette of the brand is based around a timeless combination of black and white which sometimes is accompanied by gold details. It is a graphical representation of experience and expertise, along with sophisticated style and high quality of the product.