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Java is the name of the famous programming language, which was developed in 1995 by Oracle Corp, one of the most influential companies in its segment. Today the language is considered to be one of the most used and has its updates released yearly.

Meaning and history

Java Logo history

The visual identity of the famous programming language is fun and instantly recognizable. The famous cup of coffee in blue and red color combination has been with the brand since its very beginning and was only redesigned once, in 2003, keeping the original sense and color palette.

What is Java?
Java is one of the most popular programming languages created by Sun in 1995. It runs on various platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, and various versions of UNIX. It is a versatile programming language that is often used for web development and Android development.

1996 – 2003

Java Logo-1996

Created right after the release of the language, the Java logo depicted a blue coffee cup with red steam above it. The symbol was a tribute to the Java developers, who drank a lot of coffee while working on the language. As it was mostly coffee from Java coffee beans, the name and the symbol were chosen fast enough.

The red wordmark in all capitals was placed under the emblem. The “Java” inscription featured its first letter enlarged and was executed in a classic serif typeface with elegant serif and clean distinct lines.

As for the emblem itself, it was executed in a sketch-manner, with many smooth and thin lines, which were horizontal for the cup, and vertical for the red steam.

This logo stayed with the programming language for seven years.

2003 – Today

Java Logo

The Java logo we all know today was created in 2003 and is fully based on the original version. The blue coffee cup with red steam and a red wordmark are still there, but the contours are modified and made bolder.

The cup is now more accurate and consists of only three thick smooth lines, while the steam — of two vertical curves.

The main change was made to the inscription, as the traditional serif font was replaced by a sleek modern sans-serif with slightly rounded lines and distinct cuts. Another major thing is that now the name of the programming language is written in a title case, with only “J” capitalized. The first letter has its tail slightly shortened, which perfectly balanced the red elegant steam lines, which are elongated and pointed.

Java Emblem

The Java logo is instantly recognizable and timeless. Having nothing in common with the company’s purpose, its coffee cup became an iconic symbol in the industry and brilliantly shows how extremely far from each other things can work together in building a strong brand.

Font and color

The bold and elegant title case lettering from the primary Java badge is set in a smooth yet confident sans-serif typeface, which looks quite similar to Sun SemiBold and also has something in common with such fonts as Cast Medium and Taz Text Regular Grade100.

As for the color palette of the Java visual identity, it is set in blue and red and has its elements placed against a white background, which makes the badge look airy and fresh, evoking a sense of excellence and professionalism, and showing the language as a reliable and secure one.