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Paint Tool SAI is the name of graphic software, which was designed for Microsoft Windows and introduced in 2008. The graphic editor is available in English and Japanese versions and is very lightweight and easy-to-use.

Meaning and history

Paint Tool SAI logo

The world’s famous raster graphic editor has a very bright and juicy emblem as the main part of its visual identity. The emblem, which is usually used on its own, has also additional lettering, placed under it from time to time, but still, the graphical part of the logo is what makes the software stand out.

The Paint Tool SAI emblem is composed of a lime slice image in gradient green and yellow shades, with two brown paintbrushes placed over it diagonally. Sometimes a colorful line comes from the brushes and crosses the line, to represent the purpose of the graphic editor and to add some playfulness to the logo.

There are currently different versions of the iconic “lime and brushes” insignia in use — some are more three-dimensional and detailed, while others are flat and executed in a simplified green and white color palette.

As for the wordmark, it is executed in a very thin sans-serif typeface with a lot of space between its slightly italicized letters. It uses simple black color and its “SAI” part enlarged and thickened. The lettering is underlined with a smooth curved color spectrum line.