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JACQUEMUS clothes and accessories are simple lines, sophisticated shades, and eye-catching details. The first collections were very minimalist, the designer experimented with cut. Now JACQUEMUS has become a master of details. Simon invented shoes with round heels, asymmetrical large earrings, a huge hat, and small handbags. Jacquemus’ clothes are sexy but without a bit of aggressiveness or vulgarity.

Meaning and history

JACQUEMUS is the eponymous brand of French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus. Born in a small town near Marseille, in the south of France, the now world-famous designer created his first product at the age of eight – a linen curtain skirt, which he gave to his mother.

The JACQUEMUS brand, as well as its creator, is different from the French fashion brands we are used to. It is not owned by a large corporation or conglomerate, the designer himself grew up on a farm, and his brand is run by friends and family members.

Determined to pursue his love of fashion, Jacquemus moved to Paris after high school to attend ESMOD (Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode). A month after moving to Paris, Jacquemus’ mother died in a car accident. This tragic event prompted him to drop out of university and at the age of 19 start his fashion label, named after his mother’s maiden name, Jacquemus.

In 2012, Jacquemus became the youngest designer to ever show his collection at Paris Fashion Week. In 2015 Jacquemus won the prestigious LVMH Prize, where he received 150 thousand euros for business development. A year later, he became world-famous with a chic collection, an outstanding show, and an eye-catching advertising campaign.

The French designer’s success came thanks to the Internet and social networks. He became a star where beautiful images and aesthetics are appreciated, which is at the heart of Jacquemus DNA.

In addition to social media, which certainly played an important role in the career and future of the brand, Jacquemus has several other components of success: the things themselves, the function of which not everyone understands at once, but they quickly go into sold-out and stay in the trends for a season; ingenious advertising campaigns, which go viral on Pinterest and other social networks, as well as shows, which are impossible not to love and discuss.

According to the designer, the entire Jacquemus brand is based on memories. The foundation of all collections is an endless love for women and France. And the main source of inspiration is the style of his mother and grandmother. Jacquemus often draws ideas from movies and, of course, from France – its history, culture, and different regions.

JACQUEMUS is Jacquemus the brand of French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus. The 19-year-old Jacquemus founded the brand in 2009, naming it after his late mother’s maiden name. The brand quickly gained success among customers and respect among fashion critics, and in 2012 it diluted Paris Fashion Week with a “fresh vision”.

In terms of visual identity, JACQUEMUS is quite a minimalistic brand. And it does have a very simple explanation. The designer’s signature minimalist aesthetic comes from necessity more than anything else. Due to a lack of money, Jacquemus couldn’t afford expensive details like buttons or pockets. And that same style translated into a concise logo.

2009 – Today

Jacquemus Logo

The JACQUEMUS logo I just a bold black uppercase lettering on a white background. Each character of the inscription is very stable and self-sufficient. And despite the simplicity of the font, the wordmark is instantly recognizable, and it is all due to spacing, slightly narrowed shapes of the characters, and the thickness of the lines. Minimalism here is not only in shapes but also in colors.

Font and color

Jacquemus Emblem

The bold uppercase lettering from the JACQUEMUS logotype is set in a heavy sans-serif typeface, which is Real Madrid 2009. The closest commercial font for it is Bebas but with slight modifications of the characters’ contours.

As for the color palette of the JACQUEMUS visual identity, it has several options: the main combination is black on white, but sometimes you can see the bold lettering in navy-blue, while the background stays the same. Also, there is a logo version with a white inscription on a black background.