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The name “IUPUI Jaguars” refers to the varsity teams sponsored by Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis, in Indianapolis.

Meaning and history

IUPUI Jaguars Logo history

1998 – 2007

IUPUI Jaguars Logo-1998

The crawling jaguar featured on the 1998 IUPUI Jaguars logo seemed to be under the pressure of the heavy lettering placed above. Hardly a surprise the team decided to update the emblem and move the lettering below.

2008 – Today

IUPUI Jaguars Logo

On the 2008 IUPUI Jaguars logo, the creature is also depicted in an aggressive style, with its mouth open.

IUPUI Jaguars basketball

IUPUI Jaguars basketball logo

The men’s basketball team appeared in the 2003 NCAA Tournament, in two NAIA Tournaments, and in the 2010 College Basketball Invitational. They are coached by Jason Gardner and play their home games at the Indiana Farmers Coliseum. The women’s team has won the NAIA District 21 Tournament twice.

IUPUI Jaguars football

IUPUI Jaguars football logo

The Jaguars have appeared in the NAIA Division 21 Playoffs four times. Also, they have won the Mid-Continent Conference Tournament one time.