Iowa State Cyclones Logo

Iowa State Cyclones Logo

Since 1942, the Iowa State Cyclones logo has gone through around eight modifications, including subtle alterations and complete overhauls.

Meaning and history

Iowa State Cyclones Logo history

The 1942 logo featured a yellow megaphone housing the letters “ISC” in dark red. While the following emblem (1948) preserved the megaphone, it grew smaller and was moved behind the large “I.”

In 1957, the Cyclones adopted a new logo where the lettering “ISC” was placed in a rectangle with rounded corners. The 1965 emblem featured a large red cardinal bird with a flag in its beak. The cardinal on the 1978 logo lost the flag and turned in the opposite direction (right).

In 1984, a logo featuring a red cyclone wave was introduced. Above the wave, the lettering “Iowa State” in a handwritten font could be seen. After another experiment with a cardinal and a cyclone wave in 1995, the Iowa State Cyclones logo became a typographic one. Here, there was a large “I” in red with the yellow lettering “State” on the forefront.


Iowa State Cyclones

According to the official style guide, cardinal and gold, the university’s two official colors, can be reproduced according to the following values:

  • cardinal: PMS 202, Hex: 822433
  • gold: PMS 123, Hex: FDC82F

In addition to the two-color version, the Iowa State Cyclones logo can also be given in three or four colors. The style guide recommends using the following values:

  • Cardinal (alternate): PMS: 187, Hex: A71930
  • Gold Highlight: PMS: 121, Hex: FADA63

Iowa State Cyclones basketball

Iowa State Cyclones basketball logo

Both the women’s and men’s basketball teams play in the Big 12 Conference of NCAA Division I athletics. Their home arena is Hilton Coliseum. The men’s team is coached by Steve Prohm, while the head coach of the women’s team is Bill Fennelly.

Before the 2017-18 season, the men’s team had a 1339–1293 all-time record and competed in the NCAA Tournament 19 times. Attendance at Iowa State University women’s games have ranked in the top ten for almost twenty consecutive years.

Iowa State Cyclones football

Iowa State Cyclones football logo

The team fielded in 1892 uses Jack Trice Stadium as its home arena. The head coach is Matt Campbell. Today, the university’s football team plays in the Big 12 Conference and is a Division I FBS member of the NCAA.

Iowa State Cyclones soccer

Iowa State Cyclones soccer logo

The women’s team is coached by Tony Minatta. The Cyclones all-time record is 159-200-30. While the team does not have a conference title, it has made it to the conference championship nine times. Its home arena is the Cyclone Sports Complex.