Iowa Cubs Logo

Iowa Cubs Logo

The primary logo of the Iowa Cubs has been exceptionally consistent since 1982. The emblem, which has been heavily based on that of the Chicago Cubs from the Major League Baseball, has stayed virtually unchanged with only a minor element added to it.

Meaning and history

Iowa Cubs Logo history

The Iowa Cubs belong to the Pacific Coast League and have the status of the Triple-A minor affiliate of the Chicago Cubs. The franchise started its history in 1969 as the Iowa Oaks. They became an affiliate of the Chicago Cubs and received the current name in 1981.


Iowa Cubs Symbol

During the 1982/83 playing season, the I-Cubs used the logo of their parent team. It featured the word “Cubs” in red inside a dark blue ring. The letter “C,” which was larger than all the other letters, held the “ubs” text inside.


Iowa Cubs Emblem

While the original Iowa Cubs logo contained an explicit reference to the parent team (which wasn’t bad), it could be easily mistaken for the parent club logo. To avoid confusion, in 1994, the Iowa Cubs added the word “Iowa” at the top left part of the original logo.


Iowa Cubs baseball logo

The Iowa Cubs logo follows the emblem of its parent team not only in terms of the overall structure and shape but also in terms of the color palette. It includes only three colors: dark blue, red, and white.