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Maxthon is an award-winning web-browser, which was developed in 2002 by the Chinese Maxthon company. The browser has its versions available for Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems as well as for various mobile devices.

Meaning and history

The Maxthon visual identity is strict and professional. Once designed, its emblem was not changed throughout the years, it was only refined and modernized, in order to get a brighter and more recognizable look.

2003 – 2010

Maxthon Logo-2003

The original Maxthon logo was designed in 2003 and was composed of a signature emblem with a wordmark on its right. The emblem depicted a stylized letter “M”, which looked like an arch with a square under it.

The Maxthon inscription from the original logo was written in the lowercase letters with the use of a simple and modern sans-serif typeface, with enough space between the lines.

The light gray and white color palette of the Maxthon logo reflected the company’s professionalism and the high quality of its developed software.

2010 – Today

Maxthon logo

The logo was redesigned in 2010 in order to be more eye-catching and recognizable and to stand out from the list of competitors.

The new Maxthon logo is composed of a bright emblem, which is also used as a browser’s icon, and a wordmark, placed on its right and set in two levels.

The Maxthon nameplate uses the same sans-serif typeface as the previous logo version, but the “Maxthon” part is now executed in bolder lines. The tagline “Cloud Browser” is placed under the nameplate and executed in the same font, yet with thinner letterforms.

The Maxthon emblem is a bright blue square with a stylized “M” from the original version, drawn in white and placed above the light blue cloud, representing the browser’s essence and purpose.

Today the browser also uses a modernized version of the icon, where the signature “M” is drawn in white and enclosed in a white circle, placed on a blue background. It looks remarkable and professional, creating a modern and strong sense.