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Sogou Explorer is a web-browser, developed by Sogou Company in 2008. It is one of the ten most popular browsers in China and is known for its capability to connect to cloud storage.

Meaning and history

Sogou Explorer logo

The Sogou Explorer visual identity is a perfect example of the web-browser’s logo design — bright, laconic and meaningful.

The logo is composed of a recognizable emblem, which is executed in a light blue and white color combination, symbolizing professionalism and authority, alongside the loyalty and purity of the developing company.

The Sogou emblem is composed of a blue circle with a white outline and a stylized smooth letter “S”, which flows from the upper part of the outline to the bottom.

The Sogou “S” looks sleek and confident and forms a likeness of the Yin Yang sign in its negative space.

In some versions, the browser uses a three-dimensional emblem, which looks like a blue globe with a strong white “S” badge on it. A no other version of the Sogou logo uses a flat blue background and a 3D “S” and framing, which also looks fresh and cool.

The Sogou emblem is crispy and modern, it looks solid and confident and is instantly recognizable due to its bright color palette and futuristic shapes. The logo perfectly reflects the essence and purpose of the software, showing the rich expertise and progressive approach of the company-developer.