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Dare2b is a British fashion brand, focused on high-quality active and sportswear. The brand is a part of the Regatta company, which was founded in 1981 in the UK and is a fully family-owned and managed business.

Meaning and history

Dare2b Logo history

Dare2b has only two logo designs throughout its history. And the two visual identity concepts are completely different.

1999 – 2019

Dare2b Logo 1999

The first Dare2b logo was composed of a smooth bold wordmark executed in a rounded sans-serif typeface, where the letters “D” and “A” had their contours opened and the “A” resembled a triangle shape and was colored blue when all the other letters were in black. The part “2b” was separated from the “Dare” and the number “2” was drawn in soft lines, without any angles.

2019 – Today

Dare2b logo

After the redesign, the brand’s logo became more stylish and sleek. Now it features a wordmark with a modern emblem, which is placed above the lettering or on its right.

The Dare2b inscription in all capitals is executed in a thin sans-serif typeface with clean and neat lines. The lettering looks fine and crispy despite the traditional shapes of the letters.

The Dare2b emblem is a stylized image of two letters, “D” and “B”, which mirror each other and form a hexagon with two diagonal lines coming out of it in its upper-right corner.

The Dare2b logo is minimalist and strong, it looks like a perfect symbol for a pro-gressive and trendy company, which values innovations and quality alongside design and beauty.