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Inter Miami is the name of a very young soccer club from the United States, which was established in 2018 and started playing in the MLS only in 2020. Owned by the famous British football player, David Beckham, the club has Diego Alonso as the head coach and is considered to be very perspective and strong.

Meaning and history

Inter Miami logo

The visual identity of the young yet powerful Miami football club is chic and luxury. The club’s badge is very easy to imagine as the logo of a fashion brand or a performance car manufacturer, everything in it, starting with the color palette and finishing with the symbols used, speaks for quality, style, and elegance.

The emblem was created for the American club in 2018 and had its additional version designed in 2020 to support the social distancing during the covid-19 pandemic.

The Inter Miami logo is composed of a black circular badge with a double pink outline where the white wordmark in a clean and minimalist sans-serif typeface is located. The lettering in all capitals features the “Club International De Futbol” part separated from “MMXX” by two delicate pink four-pointed stars.

Inside the smaller circle, outlined in pink, the classic black crest is placed, and it is the main part of the logo. The crest, featuring the same thin pink outline, comprises two Herons standing back-to-back and executed in elegant white and pink lines. Between the heads of the birds, there is a very interesting minimalist icon, symbolizing eclipse, placed. Executed in pink, it adds sharpness and luxury to the overall composition.

Above the eclipse sign, the bold extended “Miami” lettering in pink is written. It looks powerful and confident despite the use of a tender feminine shade.

The Herons of the Inter Miami crest stand for freedom and unity, they also symbolize elegance and style and make the team’s visual identity stand out, creating an instantly recognizable image.

The Inter Miami logo is one of a kind. This timeless sophisticated image brilliantly represents the values and character of the young international club and shows its authority and excellence.

For the Covid version of the logo, introduced in 2020, the birds were placed far from each other, showing the importance of social distancing.

What does the Inter Miami logo mean?
The emblem of Inter Miami CF, designed by Doubleday & Cartwright, is rich with symbolism that resonates with the essence and passion of the soccer league. Central to this design are the great white herons, symbols of strength and freedom, set against a backdrop that incorporates the vibrant color scheme of black, pink, and white, reflecting the dynamic culture of South Florida. This logo, adorned with roman numerals and the sun’s rays, encapsulates the story of a fútbol club that’s intertwined with the spirit and power of fútbol, showcasing the club’s front-of-jersey partnership with prominent brands, and marking it as a beacon of the Major League Soccer’s new franchise ethos.

What bird is on the Inter Miami logo?
The bird gracefully adorning the Inter Miami CF logo is the great white heron, chosen for its majestic presence and symbolic representation of strength and freedom within the South Florida landscape. These birds, intricately interlocked within the club’s emblem, reflect not just the team’s connection to the local fauna but also embody the unity and passion that fuels the club. This significant element further reinforces Inter Miami CF’s identity within the professional soccer team sphere, emphasizing its foundational values and commitment to the power of fútbol.

What is the motto of Inter Miami?
Inter Miami CF’s motto, though not encapsulated in a single phrase, fundamentally revolves around the “power of fútbol” to bring people together, ignite passion, and celebrate the rich soccer league heritage. This unwritten creed is manifested in every aspect of the club, from the energy-filled stadiums on match days to the special t-shirts designed for rivalry night, epitomizing the spirit of competition and camaraderie against teams like Orlando City SC. The motto echoes through the club’s ethos, promoting a deep-seated connection to the Major League Soccer community and fostering a vibrant culture of support and enthusiasm around the new franchise.

What is Inter Miami’s mascot?
While Inter Miami CF’s mascot draws inspiration from the team’s emblematic great white herons, it transcends traditional mascot roles by embodying the club’s core values of unity, strength, and the passionate spirit of soccer. This mascot, a living emblem of the club’s ethos, plays a pivotal role in rallying fans, especially during epic showdowns and limited-edition ticket giveaway events, making every game an unforgettable experience. It symbolizes not just the team’s fighting spirit but also the communal bond it shares with its supporters, underlining the profound impact of professional soccer teams in bringing communities together through the shared love of the game.

Inter Miami Colors

RGB: (245, 186, 206)
CMYK: (1, 33, 4, 0)

HEX COLOR: #231F20;
RGB: (35, 31, 32)
CMYK: (70, 67, 64, 74)