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Indesit is a brand of major domestic appliances manufacturer. It was established in 1975 in Italy by Vittorio Merloni. The company’s first name was Merloni Elettrodomestici and it was mainly focused on industrial scales and heaters production.

Meaning and history

Indesit Logo history

1956 – 1961

Indesit Logo 1956

The first name of the brand was Siprea, in 1956 it was changed to Indes, abbreviation for Industria Elettrodomestici Spa.

1961 – 1970

Indesit Logo 1961

The brand got its current name in 1961 when the company added “IT” to celebrate the Italian background and heritage of the brand.

1970 – 1980

Indesit Logo 1975
The logo, created for Indesit in the 1970s was based on the two previous versions, but this time executed in color. The horizontally stretched oval became black, while the lettering on it — silver. The elegant triangular crest was contoured in silver and placed on top of the oval. The whole composition was set on a sleek burgundy background, which evokes a sense of elegance and timelessness.


Indesit Logo 1980
In 1989 a modern and trendy logo was introduced by the brand. The lowercase logotype in a classy sans-serif typeface was executed in black and had some red accents in it. The geometric abstract emblem, featuring a rhombus with rounded angles and a striped white and red combination in the middle, was placed on the left from the inscription. The dots above both letters “I” in the lettering were replaced by two red parallelograms, and the vertical bars of the letters had their upper edges cut diagonally.

1980 – 1998

Indesit Logo 1980
The logo was set in white and red and placed on a green background in 1980. All the black elements from the previous version were switched to white ones and made bolder and softer. The first parallelogram above the “I” remained red, while the second one was colored white now.

1998 – Today

The Indesit logo is a wordmark custom typeface and deep blue color with an emblem on its left.

Logo Indesit

The emblem is an open circle with a lowercase “i” in it. This brand’s icon is placed on every product’s knob, and is very recognizable.

Indesit logo

The Indesit logo is simple and elegant, with a remarkable brand sign and stylish typeface. It evokes the sense of quality and confidence.