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Imginn is the name of a software (available both as a website and as a mobile application) that allows Instagram users to view, download and back up any content (stories, photos, and videos) from public profiles using the public Instagram API.

Meaning and history

Imginn is a service, which is very useful for all Instagram users. It allows you to not only view all the possible types of content but also download it, in just a few simple steps. You do not have to have an Instagram account to surf through the photos and stories of the people you know, and it is all thanks to Imginn.

The website does not require signing up, and in addition to a very easy-to-use and simple interface, Imagine is absolutely free for the users. You just visit the website, click on the needed content type (photos, stories, or videos), and enter the name of the account.

What is Imginn?

 Imginn is an online service, which allows you to view and download any Instagram content in just a few clicks, without even registering to your account (you do not even need to have any). The service is easy to use and absolutely free.

Imginn Logo

Imginn Logo

Most of the Instagram-related services and applications usually use the bright gradient orange-to-pink color palette, to show the affiliation of the software to the famous social media. But Imginn chose another path, being super minimalist and strict in its logo, which is only composed of a wordmark.

The Imginn lettering is set in a title case of a modern medium-weight sans-serif typeface, which is very close to such fonts as JT Marine Regular and Rothorn Regular. The clean lines and full-shaped contours of the letters, written in black, over the plain white background, look professional and very modern due to the absence of extra details and ornaments.

The Imginn logo is a timeless representation of confidence and reliability. Clean, minimalist, and discreet, the logotype of the platform will look the same on any background, and with any graphics on the side (if needed).

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