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IEI is Taiwanese brand of industrial computers designing and developing company, which operates across the globe. The brand is alliance with the world’s largest companies, such as Amazon, Intel and Microsoft.

Meaning and history

IEI logo

IEI is an Industrial Integrated provider of Internet of Things and Artificial Intellect. Its colorful logo is a combination of different meaning of the letter “I”.

The IEI logo is composed of a graphical wordmark, where both letter “i” are in the lowercase, and “E” is in caps.

Logo IEI

The letters “I” are similar only in height, their forms and color of the dots are different, which symbolizes the vide variety of the company’s technologies.

The first “I” is bold and confident with a square dot and a small space between it and the letter’s body. The second “I” is more elegant and playful with an enlarged round dot.

The IEI logo is memorable and vivid, it has few interesting details, which makes it not only a graphical representation of the trademark, but also a symbol of the brand’s values.

The color

The bright green color of the wordmark is complimented by red and blue accents of the “i” dots.

Logo1 IEI

The red square above the first “i” symbolizes brand’s power and energy, it’s progressive approach. The blue circle of the second “i” reflects the brand’s confidence and stability, evoking a sense of trust and strength.

The main green color balances and harmonizes the logo, adding calm and fresh emotions to the whole picture.