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Vestfrost is a Danish manufacturer of major appliances. It was founded in 1964 and since then the company sold more than 12 million refrigerators and freezers. The brand is owned by Turkish appliance manufacturer Vestel.

Meaning and history

Vestfrost logo

The Vestfrost logo is a wordmark and a snowflake symbol, celebrating the brand’s focus — refrigerators and freezers.

The blue and white color scheme of the logo reflects the brands profile and gives a sense of stability and reliability of the company.

Logo Vestfrost

The wordmark is executed in bold smooth typeface in all-caps, balances by a “Solutions” tagline, which is finer and slightly italicized.

The snowflake, the main brand’s emblem, is located in the letter “O”, which is more a square with rounded corners, than a circle.

The Vestfrost logo is a perfect representation of the brand, it’s specialization and it’s values.