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ATI is a Canadian brand of computer processors manufacturer, which was created in 1985 in Ontario. The brand was acquired by AMD in 2006. The use of ATI branded products was ceased in 2010.

Meaning and history

ATI Logo history

1985 – 2003

ATI Logo 1985

The name of the brand, ATI, stands for Array Technology Inc, founded by the Lau family in 1985.

2003 – 2011

The ATI logo is not traditional for the industry. It is an example of intense and bright color design.

ATI logo

The logo is composed of a wordmark placed in a scarlet red square. The white lettering makes the red even brighter, creating a perfect contrast.

The all-caps nameplate is executed in custom typeface with smooth and soft lines and rounded angles of the letters. It is perfectly accompanied by two circle elements of the logo.

Logo ATI

The first is a white circle, which replaces the bar of “A”, and the second one is a red circle, placed inside the letter “I”. These elements add creativity to the logo and make it look more playful and vivid.

The ATI logo is full of energy, showing the brand as powerful and young minded, looking into the future but thinking of the quality. The color scheme reflects the brand’s brave and strong spirit and evokes the sense of trust and confidence.