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Huggies is one of the most popular diapers brands in the world. It was established in 1968 in the USA and is owned yet Kimberley-Clark. It’s interesting, that the brand was introduced to the public only ten years after it was created and tested.

Meaning and history

Huggies Logo history

1966 – 1971

Huggies Logo-1966

The initial logo for Huggies was created in 1966 and stayed with the brand for only five years. It was a recognizable stylized red logotype with extra thick lines of the letters, with had rounded angles and were glued to each other. The bright and intense massive letters featured a thin black outlined which allowed placing it on various backgrounds.

1971 – 1989

Huggies Logo-1971
The redesign of 1971 redrawn the Huggies logo in a new blue and white color palette, where the bold logotype turned white and got placed on a dark blue background with a light blue wavy element in its bottom part. The typeface of the lettering was also changed to wider and more modern ones and the letters now featured almost the same size, with the first “H” still a bit bigger than the others.

1989 – 2003

Huggies Logo-1989
The red and white color palette was brought back in 1989. This time the logotype was set in white and outlined in red, with its letters becoming even thicker and smoother. The bold red “Brand” in the upper case was set under the last letter of the logo.

2003 – 2010

Huggies Logo-2003
The redesign of 2003 introduced a new Huggies logo, with the white bold letters in a double outline, featuring two shades of blue — dark and intense one, and a sky-blue tone. The contours of the typeface were refined and strengthened, and the logo from 2003 looked really modern and confident.

2010 – Today

Huggies Logo 2010
During the history of the brand, its visual identity always switched between two main color schemes — red and blue. The last redesign of the Huggies logo made the red dominant again.

The Huggies wordmark is a bold custom typeface with thick rounded lines, where letters “GG” are jumping, making the logo playful and alive.

The lettering was made three-dimensional already in 2003 when the logo was composed of a white inscription on a blue background. Today’s Huggies nameplate is located on a white rectangle and switches its colors when placed on the package.

symbol Huggies
The Huggies uses a heart-shaped emblem for its packaging, with a thick white outline and white lettering it looks friendly and welcoming, evoking a sense of warmth and care.

2021 – Today

Huggies logo
Their 2021 logo uses much of the 2010 design, except the coloring is a big lighter. Plus, they’ve added a white outline around the letters, as seen on the central ‘G’ letters.