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Hubba Bubba is an American chewing gum brand, which was established in 1979. Today the company is a part of Mars and produces its bubble-gum in various flavors. The products under the Hubba Bubba label are distributed all over the world.

Meaning and history

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Hubba Bubba logo is one of the most colorful and playful examples of contemporary visual identity designs. Composed of a wordmark placed on the oval background, it plays with bright colors


Hubba Bubba 1950

Similar to the current Hubba Bubba logo, the old one featured the name of the brand in rather plump letters. The shape of the letters was inspired by the bubbles the chewing gum could produce.

The wordmark was rotated counterclockwise at around 20 degrees to add a slight upward dynamics.


It was just an update, not a revolution. While the logo started to look a little more playful and friendly, you could still notice it had much in common with its predecessor.

Hubba Bubba Logo

The letters stayed plump and directed upward. On the other hand, the glyphs lost the serifs. Their ends grew rounded, which only added another link to the bubble shape. Also, there was some playing around with the size and shape of the glyphs – each of the four “b’s,” two “a’s,” and two “u’s” was slightly different from each other. This made the design more appealing in the eyes of the target audience, the children.

Also, a purple oval appeared behind the yellow lettering, which added a colorful touch.

We should mention an alternative version of the Hubba Bubba logo where the shape of the glyphs was closer to the circle. Here, the letters were of a cooler shade of yellow paired with the blue outline.