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Familia is the name of the Swiss brand, which was established in the 1950s and is specialized in the production of healthy foods, based on muesli. Today the brand is considered to be the world’s most famous producer of muesli and healthy foods and uses only the finest ingredients in its products.

Meaning and history

Familia Logo history

The visual identity of the famous brand is an example of the traditional values and loyalty of the company to its roots and history. The logo, created for Familia in 1960, was modernized every ten years but got significantly changed just once, in the 2010s, keeping the recognizability and color palette of the original version

1960 — 1970

Familia Logo 1960

The original logo of the brand was introduced in 1960 and featured and blue and white composition, where four portraits were placed above the bold sans-serif inscription in the lowercase. The smiley faces of parents and two kids evoke a sense of happiness and love, while the strict blue and white color palette represented the brand as a reliable and professional one.

1970 — 1980

Familia Logo 1970

The logo was redesigned in 1970, keeping the style and color scheme of the previous emblem. The logotype wasn’t changed much, though the portraits were slightly redrawn and placed closer to each other, forming a rhombus. The whole badge was now enclosed between two parallel horizontal lines, composed of numerous vertical sun different widths.

1980 — 1990

Familia Logo 1980

The framing was gone in 1989, keeping all other elements almost unchanged. The portrait was redrawn, having its contours cleaner and more modern. As for the wordmark, it was still executed in the same typeface as on the logo version from 1960.

1990 — 2000

Familia Logo 1990

The portraits gained new more detailed contours in 1990. Now the whole logo was placed on a light blue house silhouette in a darker outline. It was a representation of life, love, caress, and warmth, a perfect image of a perfect household.

The outline of the background changed its shape and turned yellow while the main color got switched from light blue to white a few years later. The portraits got smaller and were now placed above the “ili” part of the inscription, which was also modernized and gained cleaner lines and more space between the symbols.

2000 — 2011

Familia Logo 2000

In 2000 the iconic Familia blue was elevated to a brighter and darker shade. The contour of the framing was redrawn and now the badge gained a smooth wavy underline. The stylized rounded portraits of the family were moved to the left part of the logo.

2011 — 2013

Familia Logo 2011

In 2011 the “Lo bueno de ser Familia” tagline was added to the composition. Executed in a rounded sans-serif typeface it made the logo even more friendly and welcoming.

2013 — Today

Familia LogoThe redesign of 2013 removed the portraits from the Familia logo, keeping only the logotype and a “house” framing. As for the color palette, it is now based on two shades of blue — the darker one for the inscription, and the lighter one for the roof and the underline. The typeface of the wordmark was changed to a more modern and bold sans-serif and the location — to a diagonal one.