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Familia is the name of the Swiss brand, which was established in the 1950s and is specialized in the production of healthy foods, based on muesli. Today the brand is considered to be the world’s most famous producer of muesli and healthy foods and uses only the finest ingredients in its products.

Meaning and history

Familia Logo history

The visual identity of the famous Swiss brand is bright and memorable. Though the composition of the logo is simple enough, it looks confident and is instantly recognizable.
The Familia logo is composed of an elongated horizontally placed red oval with white lettering and a small emblem on it. The wordmark in the lowercase is written in a bold sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to URW Form Cond Poster and Artegra Sans Condensed Alt Black fonts, with sleek clean lines.
The brand’s nameplate has the dots above both letters “I” enlarged, and their rounded shapes are balanced by an emblem, which is placed after the lettering. The Familia emblem is a stylized yellow apple with green leaf. The fruit symbolizes health and shows the company’s value of fresh products and vitamins, which all the brand’s muesli contain.
Familia Logo
The red, white, and yellow color palette of the Familia visual identity is a reflection of passion and power along with the loyalty and reliability of the brand. And the small green detail symbolizes life, health, and growth.
The rounded contours of the emblem make it look friendly and welcoming, showing the company’s attention to its customers and willingness to provide people all over the globe with high-quality foods, beneficial for their health.