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Danone is a French brand of a food producer and distributor, which was established in 1919 by Isaac Carasso. Danone is one of the largest corporations in the world, which sells its products in more than 130 countries across the globe.

Meaning and history

Danone Logo history

The Danone logo is a sign of quality, a reflection of the company’s trustworthy and loyalty. As one of the world’s biggest manufacturer of dairy products, the company has a perfect reputation and aims to provide their consumers with the best foods possible.

The Danone logo hasn’t changed much during the brand’s history, it was always composed of a stylized wordmark and only in the 1990s the graphical emblem was created.

1968 – 1972

Danone Logo 1968

The first logo was designed in 1968 and was composed of a white all-caps lettering placed on a purple horizontally located oval, which bottom side was separated by three white lines, the purple “Danone” in capital letters is placed beyond the oval.

1972 – 1994

Danone Logo 1972

The color palette and shape changes. The white wordmark is located on a blue hexagon with all angle rounded except the top and the bottom ones. The hexagon is composed of two parts — the upper one with the wordmark on it is in deep blue, while the bottom smaller part is executed in a friendly light blue color.

1994 – 2005

Danone Logo 1994

The red curve appears on the logo. It is placed in the bottom part of a solid blue hexagon. The logo becomes brighter and stronger.

2005 – 2017

Danone Logo 2005

The red ribbon transforms into a smile sign, placed under the wordmark in a modern white typeface. The hexagon is replaced by an oval with two sides cut and angles rounded. This version of the Danone logo is warm and evokes a sense of trustworthy and professionalism.

2017 – Today

Danone logo

The current Danone logo is based on the previous version, but the color are switched. Not the wordmark is blue and the background is white, and that makes the red smile element look more confident.

The Emblem

Danone emblem

For the most part of its history, Danone used only the logotype in its visual identity, but in the 1990s the brand decided to finally create an emblem, which would fully reflect all the company’s values and vision.

The 1990s

Danone Emblem 1990

The emblem is an image of the boy’s face looking at the star. The boy is turned left and is executed in a solid white with his eye in blue, which is perfectly balanced by a blue circle of the background.

The figure of the boy is a representation of Daniel Carasso, who was the son of the brand’s founder.

2017 – Today

Danone Emblem 2017

The color palette of the emblem is slightly changed, the blue color became lighter and gradient now. The boy turns his face to the right. The tagline “One planet, One health” appears under the image, executed in a handwritten styled all-caps lettering in a light blue color.

The Danone emblem is a reflection of the brand’s heritage and roots, as well as its aims and goals for a progressive future.

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