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Muse is the name of a famous British rock band, which was created in 1994 in Devon. The band has two Grammy awards. Muse started as a goth-rock band and now it is famous for mixing different styles in its songs, such as progressive rock with electronic or classical music.

Muse Logo

Meaning and history

Muse Logo

The band chose their name because of its shortness and how it looks on posters. Today the name Muse is synonymous with contemporary rock music.

The Muse logotype is minimalist and strong. It is executed in all-caps using Frutiger 65 Bold typeface, which was designed in 1976 by Adrian Frutiger. The font is solid and uniform, as well as the band’s music.

The band’s logo also features two horizontal lines running on top and bottom of the wordmark, which makes it look more confident and brutal.

Muse emblem

The Muse logo was first used in 1998 on the cover of their album and since that time is strongly associated with the band and its experiments, as looks great on all the creative and imaginative backgrounds.

It is a stylish and powerful logo, which looks masculine and modern due to the use of a monochrome palette.

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