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Hogan is an Italian brand of footwear, accessories and clothing. The footwear category is chief here: they produce everything from classic shoes to sneakers to sandals and more. The other categories include some bags, wallets, sweatshirts, t-shirts, jackets and other clothing for men and women.

Meaning and History

Hogan Logo history

Hogan first appeared in 1985, although it wasn’t until 2000 that it was acquired by Tod’s Group – a conglomerate of several other brands of footwear and clothing. Hogan is now among the four brands incorporated into the Group, which includes Tod’s, Fay, Roger Vivier and Hogan proper.

1986 – 2014

Hogan Logo old

2014 – Today

Hogan logo

This logo depicts the name ‘Hogan’, written in capital sans-serif letters. They are rather tall, visibly bold and placed some distance away from one another (but not terribly so). Above the letter ‘G’, they’ve drawn a simple upward wing with four big feathers and a black shadow behind it. There’s also a curved line above this letter that imitates the top of the ‘G’. The logo is almost entirely black with some white for the feathers.