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Rebecca Minkoff is a US brand best known for accessible luxury handbags, accessories, footwear and apparel.

Meaning and history

Rebecca Minkoff Logo history

The style of the Rebecca Minkoff logo can be described as minimalist and utilitarian. You will not find any unnecessary decorative elements, to say nothing of heavy ornamental patterns. There is only the name of the designer in a plain and perfectly legible sans serif type. This sort of logo seems to imply the design team does not like to overload the products with heavy and inefficient elements making people suffer for fashion.

What is Rebecca Mirkoff?
Rebecca Mirkoff is the name of a company from The United States, founded in 2005. They’re focused on designing, production and selling of luxury pocketbooks, footgear, jewels and other fashion products for men and women. It’s one of the largest companies of The US, which products are spread worldwide.

2005 – 2010

Rebecca Minkoff Logo 2005

2010 – 2013

Rebecca Minkoff Logo 2010

2013 – 2017

Rebecca Minkoff Logo 2013

2018 – now

Rebecca Minkoff Logo

Font and color

The font of the Rebecca Mirkoff brand wordmark has a sans serif style. There are narrow yet bold letters. Sometimes it’s written in a two-line inscription, sometimes in a single line. In both variations, the letters are simple, clean and upright. They are also taller than usual and fully capitalized.
The coloring is just black for all these letters. Naturally, white is used for background, when they need to specifically have one. And, of course, when the background is black, they make these letters white.