Hillsboro Hops Logo

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Hillsboro Hops Logo
The Hillsboro Hops appeared in 2013 on the basis of the Yakima Bears that relocated to Hillsboro in advance of the 2013/2014 playing season.

Meaning and History logo

Hillsboro Hops Logo history

The name of the team was inspired by the plant widely used during the process of beer brewing. In addition to this, the word “Hop” plays an important part in baseball terminology (take the terms “short hop” and “crow hop,” for instance).

Primary symbol

Hillsboro Hops symbol
The Hillsboro Hops logo depicts an anthropomorphized hop cone as a baseball player. He’s wearing a ball cap and has Mount Hood, the tallest Oregon mountain, behind its “back.” The word “Hops” in a white script can be seen to the left. The lettering “Hillsboro” in blue features a simpler type.

Cap emblem

Hillsboro Hops emblem
The cap insignia is a simplified primary logo. Here, only the hop cone can be seen.