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Henri Lloyd is an activewear fashion label, which was established in 1963 in the United Kingdom. The brand specializes in the clothing and accessories for sailing and today is a part of the Swedish Allegro Group, having over 40 stores across the globe.

Meaning and history

Henri Lloyd Logo history

The iconic and instantly recognizable Henri Lloyd visual identity was redesigned after the acquisition of the company by a Swedish retailing group.

Before 2004

Henri Lloyd Logo old

2004 – 2011

Henri Lloyd Logo 2004

2011 – 2022

Henri Lloyd Logo 2011

The previous Henri Lloyd logo was composed of a traditional wordmark with a tagline and an emblem above it. The nameplate was executed in a narrowed serif typeface, which was a reflection of aristocratic elegance. The tagline showed the year of the company’s establishment, written in Roman numbers.

The iconic Henri Lloyd emblem was composed of a monogram enclosed in a laurel wreath with a crown on top. A perfect representation of one of the most luxurious sports — yachting.

2022 – now

Henri Lloyd Logo

The company decided to change its visual identity to a more contemporary and minimalist one. The current Henry Lloyd logo is composed of a wordmark in all capital letters executed in a sleek modern sans-serif typeface with the diagonal cut of “-“ sign, placed between the two parts of the inscription.

The new Henri Lloyd icon is also laconic and simple. It depicts a capital letter “H”, placed above the “L”. Two white letters are located on a black background and separated by a thin horizontal line.

The color palette remains monochrome, which symbolizes timelessness and confi-dence, as well as shows the professional and strong brand.

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