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Hello MOOD is a burgeoning online dispensary in the Southern US, catering to the legal cannabis market. They offer Delta-8 THC products designed to enhance various moods, with a diverse catalog that includes options like Body Soother, Chill, and Creative moods. As a relatively new entry to the market, they have experienced rapid growth, with monthly orders ranging between 20-40k in early 2023. Despite its youth, the company has expanded significantly with a robust product lineup and a dedicated team​​​​​​​​.

Meaning and history

Launched in the summer of August 2022, Hello MOOD has swiftly secured its position as a reliable provider in the legalized cannabis market, specializing in finely-tuned offerings aimed at enhancing specific emotional experiences. To cater to an expanding audience, the brand has swiftly expanded its array of products while strengthening its expert team, adhering strictly to its commitment to procure premium cannabis exclusively from reputable U.S. farms. With a keen focus on surpassing customer anticipations, Hello MOOD meticulously shapes each cannabis experience to align with the distinct desires of its customers, ensuring every product is a tailor-made pathway to wellness and contentment. Their dedication to quality and customer-centric innovation marks Hello MOOD as a pioneer in creating bespoke cannabis experiences that cater to the shifting landscapes of mood and emotion, forging a path in the wellness industry that celebrates both individuality and the art of fine cannabis craftsmanship.


Hello MOOD Logo

The logo depicted in a stark, monochromatic color scheme. The typeface is modern and bold, with a distinct roundness to the letters “O,” which may suggest a focus on wholeness and inclusivity. The simplicity of the design, with no extra embellishments, communicates a clear and straightforward brand message, likely reflecting the company’s ethos of transparency and purity in their product offerings. This minimalist approach to design ensures the brand’s name is easily remembered and recognized.

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