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Harvard University sponsors over 40 varsity teams. The Harvard Crimson has been incredibly traditional in its brand identity – the logo has stayed the same for over 65 years.

Meaning and history

Harvard Crimson logo history

The Harvard Crimson logo adopted in 1956 features a crimson shield housing the large letter “H.” The letter has a thin black outline, while the trim of the shield is black and white. While the logo is pretty minimalistic, it is also recognizable and possesses a certain degree of retro elegance.

Harvard Crimson basketball

Harvard Crimson basketball logo

The men’s basketball team has competed in five NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournaments, in three National Invitation Tournaments, and in the 2010 CollegeInsider.com Postseason Tournament. The women’s team has won the Ivy League eleven times. It has competed in the NCAA Tournament six times.

Harvard Crimson football

Harvard Crimson football logo

The team, which also uses the primary Harvard Crimson logo, played its first official game in 1873, and thus, is among the oldest in the world. They boast thirteen national championships and twenty College Football Hall of Fame inductees.