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Harrods is an iconic British department store, which was established in 1849 and named after its founder, Charles Henry Harrod. Today the huge department store has over 300 various sections and also operates via its online platform, serving international customers.

Meaning and history

The logo of the famous department store is minimalist and instantly recognizable. It is a simple logotype in a monochrome palette, but it looks powerful and fully represents the company’s luxury profile and essence.

The logo of the brand has always been based on the scripted wordmark, which first appeared in the 1850s and was a signature of the company’s founder. Throughout the years the brand experimented with typefaces a lot.

But finally, they came up with one perfect version, which was created in 1967 and only slightly refined by today.

Harrods Emblem

As for the color palette, monochrome is the basic option, sometimes the company uses gold and green shades, depending on the placement. But whatever the color is, the logotype looks confident and sophisticated on any background and surroundings, as it is a quality mark for best labels and the name, synonymous with style and luxury.


The iconic logotype’s script font was created by the Mínale Tattersfield at the end of the 1960s. It boasts bold lines and smooth shapes, though the elongated horizontal bar of the letter “H” adds sharpness and even audacity to the whole image.

The closest fonts to the Harrods one are, probably, Strawberry Blossom Script and Shorthalt. They also have a playful and progressive mood, hiding behind the elegance and sophistication.


The world’s iconic luxury department store is known by people all over the world as the number one shopping destination. The high-end interiors of Harrods are home to more than 300 small departments of different profiles: fashion, beauty, homeware, grocery and wine, stationery and gifts.

The store has a huge selection of famous designers’ clothing, footwear and accessories for men, women, and kids, including dresses, coats, lingerie and loungewear, swimsuits and ski sets, along with sportswear and sneakers, bags and scarves, jewelry and small accessories.

Harrods Logo

The beauty department has everything you can dream about — make-up and skincare products from the best labels, along with hair care and bath & body items. A wide selection of the best perfume brands is also here.

The homeware section consists of various departments — furniture, cooking accessories, and cutlery, household goods, bathroom items, and textiles. Almost everything can be found here.

As for the grocery section, it offers gourmet products from all over the world, as well as luxury teas and products of Harrods own label.

The website of the department store has all the categories to browse through. It offers international delivery and a state-of-art customer support service, which is available 24/7.