Discount Tire Logo

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Discount Tire is an American brand of a wheel and tires retailer, which was established in 1960 and today is one of the world’s largest companies in its segment, operating over one thousand stores across the USA.

Meaning and history

The Discount Tire visual identity is confident, bold and bright. Using one of the strongest color combinations, red, black and white, it looks modern and powerful.

The Discount Tire logo is composed of a wordmark, written in two different styles and placed in two levels.

The upper part of the company’s logo depicts a “Discount” inscription, which is executed in a bold square typeface in red color with a thin black outline. The jumping letters add playfulness to the logo and make it look more dynamic.

Discount Tire Logo

The “Tire” part, located under the “Discount”, features a more strict style, written in a traditional sans-serif font, its all capital letters are black and simple. The world is enclosed into a thin oval frame, accenting on the company’s profile.

The company uses an image of a tire as its web icon. It looks masculine and professional when seen on the website or mobile apps.