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Bounty is a brand of a coconut chocolate bar, launches by Mars company in 1951. Today is one of the most famous chocolate bar labels in the world, distributes on all six continents.

Meaning and history

Bounty Logo history

The Bounty visual identity is based on the chocolate bar’s main ingredient — a coconut. Everything, starting the typeface and finishing the background is a tribute to the tropical taste.


Bounty Logo 1951

Mars introduced the chocolate bar in the United Kingdom and Canada in 1951. The original Bounty logo featured a totally generic sans. It was very bold, which provided excellent legibility even at larger sizes. And yet, the somewhat heavy feel and rectangular ends would have been more appropriate for a serious corporation than a sweet tropical product.


Bounty Logo 1991

This one seemed to better fit. At least the white letters with sharp “thorns” echoed the color and shape of the coconut crump out of which the bar was made. The glyphs grew lighter and so did the mood of the Bounty logo.

The shape of the “B” “rhymed” with the shape of the leaves of the palm trees in the background.


Bounty Logo

This time, the design of the package echoes the product and its origins even more explicitly. The central theme is the similarity between a coconut and the Bounty bar.

Both have a white filling plus brown cover. This is why you can see an open coconut next to the wordmark and why the glyphs are white with a dark shade and dark outline.

The type has been modified in many ways adopting a more natural shape. The somewhat unpredictable curves of the glyphs are reminiscent of things made by hand or created by nature, not by the machine.