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GoodNotes, founded by Steven Chan in 2011, is a renowned digital note-taking application tailored for Apple devices, particularly the iPad and Apple Pencil. This Hong Kong-based company has managed to create an ecosystem where users can write, draw, and annotate on digital paper as seamlessly as they would on physical paper. GoodNotes’ standout features include the ability to search handwritten notes, organize files, and easily sync across iOS devices. Operating predominantly on the iOS platform, the application has become a staple for educators, professionals, and students who seek an efficient digital note-taking solution.

Meaning and history

Goodnotes Logo history

Established in 2011 by Steven Chan, GoodNotes has evolved into one of the most popular digital note-taking applications for Apple users. As a testament to its innovativeness, the app brilliantly merges the traditional aspects of handwritten notes with the advantages of digital technology. Over the years, one of its crowning achievements is the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature, allowing users to search their handwritten notes effortlessly. Another milestone is its seamless integration with Apple’s ecosystem, facilitating synchronization across devices. Currently, GoodNotes stands as a market leader in the digital note-taking space, with a dedicated user base that appreciates its continuous efforts to refine and enhance user experience.

What is Goodnotes?
GoodNotes is a leading digital note-taking application designed for Apple devices. Founded by Steven Chan in 2011, this Hong Kong-based company specializes in replicating the natural experience of writing on paper while offering the benefits of digital technology.

2011 – 2021

Goodnotes Logo 2011

The first depiction of the “GoodNotes” logo seamlessly merges imagery of productivity and creativity. Centered on the left is a visual representation of a paper sheet embellished with three evenly spaced horizontal lines and a wavy signature-like mark, evoking the impression of a document being signed. Adjacent to this graphic is a stylized pen or stylus, angled diagonally, suggesting the act of writing or drawing. The imagery underscores the app’s utility in note-taking and signing documents. The textual component, “GoodNotes,” is spelled in a clean, modern typeface. The muted color palette offers a sophisticated aura, while the capitalized “G” and “N” subtly emphasize the brand’s name. Overall, the design resonates with the ethos of professional utility infused with creative flair.

2021 – 2023

Goodnotes Logo 2021

The second iteration of the “GoodNotes” logo champions simplicity. The emblem showcases a white paper sheet icon encapsulated within a soft-edged square, characterized by three neat lines and a scribbled signature at the bottom, again highlighting the dual functionality of note-taking and document signing. The adjacent stylized pen enhances this narrative, appearing poised to craft or annotate. The brand name, “GoodNotes,” stands proudly to the right, rendered in a contemporary, soft-edged typeface. The brand’s color theme of muted blue and black conveys trust and reliability, aiming to appeal to those seeking a dependable digital note-taking solution.

2023 – Today

Goodnotes Logo

Evoking an air of elegance, the third “GoodNotes” logo presents a refreshed aesthetic. The emblem, set on the left, is a rounded square encompassing stylized depictions of paper and pen. The paper graphic, with three horizontal lines and a distinctive curve representing a signature, symbolizes the brand’s commitment to authenticity in the digital realm. The elongated, sleek pen design emphasizes precision and ease of use. Flanking this icon, the brand name “Goodnotes” is inscribed in a refined typeface. The lowercase representation and the softer color palette of this iteration convey accessibility and user-friendliness, suggesting an app that is both intuitive and essential for modern professionals.