Red Hat Logo

Red Hat Logo

Red Hat Software was registered in North Carolina, the USA in 1995 as a result of cooperation between an entrepreneur Bob Yong and an IT specialist Marc Ewing. Yong was dealing with computer supplies by catalogue and noticed a growing demand for the Linux system provided by Ewing. The two professionals decided to join forces and founded a successful company providing open-source software. In 2018 it was acquired by IBM.

The logo, its meaning and history

Red Hat Logo history

The first logo of the company appeared at the outset of the company’s life, in 1995. The emblem depicted a rose-red top hat, considerably stretched vertically. Below it, there was the company’s name “Red Hat Software” written in a thin, horizontally compressed font. The colour of the wordmark was black.

Next year, in 1996 the logo was changed for a more dynamic one. That was a black figure of a man walking forward in long strides and wearing a red hat on his head. The figure was placed on a square pineapple yellow background. This “running man” logotype was used on documents, manuals and for advertising purposes.

A new version was developed in 1997. This time, it was a silhouette of a man’s head made in white with a red hat decorated with a black ribbon. This was placed in a circle inside a rectangle filled with circular stripes in indigo and lapis blue tones. To the right of the emblem, inside the rectangle, there was the brand name “red hat” in red colour and very thin and tiny font. A modified version of this logo was introduced in 1999. The background colour was changed to scarlet red and the wordmark was made in white colour and in a bigger, thicker and much more readable font.

Red Hat Logo

Finally, in 2007 the current logo was developed. According to the company’s web site, this new design better reflected the company’s reputation for authenticity, inclusivity, and helpfulness. This time the “shadow man” disappeared; there was simply a bright red hat with a black ribbon. That was a fedora hat type marking a link to the company’s product, Fedora Linux operation system. To the left of the emblem, the logo has the brand name, “Red Hat” in black colour and very legible massive letters resembling the font Adequate Black.

The meaning of the logo and the company name on the whole, goes back to the college years of the company’s founder Marc Ewig. He used to wear his grandfathers’ red cap in the college computer laboratory and when somebody needed assistance, he was directed to “a guy in the red hat”. Thus, he decided the name would fit most for his starting business of distribution of Linux on CDs. According to the company’s vision, the red hat has been ever worn to symbolized liberating, revolution and emancipation. The company’s Red Hat is used as a symbol of software freedom, a better foundation for the future of IT.