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GNU is a PC and mobile device the operating system, developed by Richard Stallman in 1983. It is a collection of various free software programs, unlike Unix, which is usually being compared to.

Meaning and history

GNU Logo history
The name of the system, GNU is an acronym for GNU is Not Unix, which was presented in 1983 by Richard Stallman. The company uses the image of the gnu animal for its logo since the day of the foundation.
The gnu head was first drawn by Etienne Suvasa and redrawn by Peter Gerwinski in 2001. There was also in use the version of the GNU logo, created by Aurelio Heckert, which is simpler and more minimalist.

1996 – 2003

GNU Logo 1996
An artistic pencil drawing of an African antelope head facing right. The head itself has only contours, while the horns also have shading. Although there are no inscriptions, the wildebeest is also known as gnu, which coincides with the name of the software. This explains why this animal was chosen for the logo.

2003 – Today

GNU Logo
The GNU head is drawn in confident black contours with the biggest accent on the animal’s horns. The monochrome color palette makes the emblem tattoo-like and looks really curious and artsy as a logo.
The GNU logo is unique and instantly recognizable. It is playful and humorous, evoking a smile.
Gnu is one of the antelope species, also known as wildebeest. The animal symbolizes wisdom, energy, and communication, which are pretty similar to the main characteristics of the GNU company.