SQLite Logo

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SQLite is a self-contained management system for the database, which was developed in 2000. The software is mostly popular for its lightweight and easiness in use and administration and has users all over the globe.

Meaning and history

The SQLite visual identity is delicate and traditional. The software’s logo is composed of a wordmark and an emblem on its left, which is also a program’s icon.

The SQLite lettering is executed in a fine and smooth serif typeface, with “SQL” capitalized. The dark blue color of the inscription harmonized the left part of the emblem, which features the same color.

The SQLite emblem is composed of a light blue square with its angles rounded and a dark blue feather, placed vertically on its right part.

SQLite Logo

The feather is a symbol of creativity and lightness, which reflects the main characteristics of the software.

The two shades of the blue color palette of the SQLite logo is fresh and pleasant. It represents a strong brand, which is technologically-centered and values stability and quality.

The SQLite logo is delicate and fine, it’s calming colors and soft shapes make it timeless and always actual.