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Edge is a Microsoft developed web-browser, which was launched in 2015 and has its versions available for Windows and both Android and IOS mobile operating systems. The browser is loved for its small size and good protection.

Meaning and history

Edge Logo history


Edge Logo-2015The Edge browser visual identity was created in 2015 and redesigned twice accord-ing to the design policies of the Microsoft company. The very first logo stayed with the software for less than one year and featured a simple two-dimensional image of the globe in the blue and white color palette.

2015 – 2019

Edge Logo-2015-2021

The logo, created in 2015 admirer the globe beta version one, was composed of a blue stylized letter “E” in the lowercase, which is an instantly recognizable symbol of the Microsoft’s web browsers. However, the Edge logo is different from the Internet Explorer one, it looks sharper and edgier, reflecting the name of the product.

The logo stayed with the browser for four years and became a good basis for a new concept.

2019 – Today

Edge logo

The current Edge Browser logo was designed in 2019 and is again a stylized letter “E”, but this time it resembles an ocean wave and looks vivid and dynamic. The wave features a gradient blue and green color palette and a smooth sleek shape, showing the software as progressive and reliable.

The Edge logo is colorful and stylish, it looks confident and strong, reflecting a high-quality software of the new generation.