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Globus is the name of a German supermarket chain, which was established in 1828 and opened its first store in 1966. Today the chain successfully operates across Europe and Russia, with more than 70 physical stores and a yearly revenue of about 7,5 billion EUR.

Meaning and history

Globus Logo history

Before 2022

Globus Logo old
The visual identity of the supermarket chain is bright and remarkable, just how it has to be seen from the street and to stand out on the banner in a gray city. The emblem is composed of a graphical part, which is also a background for massive lettering.

The background depicts a bright green globe while accents and lines. It is slightly extended and has a horizontally oriented oval shape in order to have enough space for a large inscription. The green and white color combination symbolizes wealth, success, and growth, and it really says a lot about a large company, which is constantly expanding.

The most visible part of the Globus visual identity is its wordmark, which is drawn in orange and placed over the green globe. The lettering is written in a title case with only “G” capitalized, though all the letters feature the same size. The orange color of the body is complemented by a thin red outline. There is also a thicker white outline around the inscription in order to make it more visible on the green background.

The supermarkets also use have a three-dimensional version of the logo for some special occasions and surfaces. In this version, all-white details are replaced by gradient metallic gray, which looks more vivid and modern. The letters’ outline is removed, as the contrast between orange and gray works really well.

2022 – Today

Globus logo
The designers preserved a recognizable brand image while transforming it to give the logo a modern and clean-looking appearance. They separated the graphical part from the inscription and placed the globe above the name. The globe was no longer as detailed and had a three-dimensional appearance. The new font reminded of Le Havre Titling Black. They also played with the colors making the orange lighter and the green darker.