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Glister is the name of an oral care products manufacturer, which is distributed by the famous Amway company, one of the worlds leading MLM names. The brand is known for its small yet effective line of tooth and mouth care products, which are all based on natural ingredients.

Meaning and history

Glister is the name of a brand, producing a range of oral care products and offered by American multi-level marketing company Amway. The products of the brand are known and loved all over the world because they are made only from natural ingredients, have a high quality, help maintain the health of teeth and dents, and are very economical. The Glister line includes several products: toothpaste, mouth wash, spray, and accessories, such as brushes and threads.

The Glister scientifically developed formula helps solve problems before they occur. Over the years, research has been conducted to maintain healthy teeth and gums and prevent tartar formation. They have led to highly effective oral care products, under the brand name Glister.

What is Glister?
Glister is one of the brands, sold by the American Amway, a multi-level marketing company, which today has its distribution channels all over the globe. Glister offers natural and effective products for oral care, which include toothpaste, mouthwash, and accessories.

As for the visual identity, Glister is a friendly and easy brand, which uses nothing but the lowercase wordmark for its badge. The logotype uses modern shapes for its letters and a dark and deep color, which adds a sense of stability and confidence. The purple shade of the Glister lettering looks professional and elegant, and emphasizes the brand’s strong points, making the customer trust the brand and its products.

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Logo Glister

Basically, the Glister logo is just the wordmark. At least, this is how it appears on most products. You can also come across a version with a tooth emblem. The negative space inside the tooth forms a toothbrush, and there is a ring around the tooth to symbolize protection.

The type used for the word “Glister” has a stylish modern touch, which is especially noticeable in the shape of the “g” and the “r.” This is probably a visual way to symbolize the innovative approach the company uses when making its products.