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Satinique is a haircare line of Amway, an American company. Besides this brand, Amway sells a lot of health, beauty and cosmetic products, as well. Satinique offers an abundance of reinforcing and styling solutions for hair. That includes various masks, balms, shampoos, conditioners, etc.

Meaning and History

Satinique was one of Amway’s first product brands. It started with the hair-strengthening solution back in 1965 and eventually grew to dozens of various products meant for various hair-related issues, as well as styling solutions. The name is probably derived from the word ‘satin’, which is a type of silky fabric.

1965 – today

Satinique Logo

The Satinique logo depicts their name, written in capital sans-serif letters. The font is a pretty basic sans-serif of grey or black. While most of the letters belong to a generic and highly legible type, the “Q” has a truly unique design resembling a drop. There’s also an emblem nearby, which looks like a small lock of hair: a drop with three thick strokes beneath it.